Past Greenfield Summer Institutes

by Judith Sone

All downloads are in .pdf format.

2016: Jews and the Arts     Brochure

2015: Reading Jews: From “People of the Book” to Popular Culture Brochure

2014: Jews and their Neighbors

2013: Subversive Jews: Dissidents and Rebels in the Jewish Tradition     Brochure    Program

2012: Jewish Memory and Nostalgia         Brochure         Program

2011: Yiddish in the Twenty-first Century          Brochure          Program

2010: The Wandering Jew        Brochure

2009: Jews and Politics          Brochure

2008: The World of European Jewry          Brochure

2007: Encountering Israel: History, Culture, and Politics          Brochure

2006: Judaism: Religious and Secular          Brochure

2005: Jews in America          Brochure

2004: Jews and Gender: Men and Women from Antiquity to the Present          Brochure

2003: The World of Yiddish          Brochure

2002: What Makes Something Jewish?          Brochure

2001: Jewish Studies and the Arts          Brochure

2000: Jewish Identity in the 20th Century: Literature, History, and the Arts  Brochure