Final Reflection

I have had a chance to reflect upon my experience on this dig…well, sort of. Now that I am all set up in Troy, Turkey on my next excavation, I am in a prime position to say what made this dig in Israel special. First of all, as I expected when I left, just being in the Holy Land was the chance of a life time. I had an unequaled chance to grow academically and spiritually that has forever changed me. I have seen the places so vital to my faith and will forever have a special bond when I hear places I have visited mentioned in a reading or homily. Additionally, I was introduced to an awesome cast of characters in the field of professors- one even went to school with my grandma! I met some amazing contacts who I plan to continue to talk with as advisors and friends. I also had the chance to work abroad with two of my closest friends, Don and Eric. In all, I think I learned quite a bit about archaeology in Israel and had a great time. Most memorable moment probably would be when I almost fell off Tell Hesi. But, after all, I think the entire trip will be something I talk about for the rest of my life. I had the tremendous opportunity to actually get my hands dirty and excavate a site in the Holy Land. Simply amazing and everything I had hoped and dreamed it to be. Wow. And that word just about sums up my reflection about this wonderful experience: wow!