Last weekend was the only open weekend we had during our time in Israel. We were free to travel to various parts of the country that we either wanted to see again or see for the first time. So far, I have traveled to the highest point of Israel near Syria at Nimrod’s Fortress, to the far west at Ashkelon for my 23rd birthday, and to the far east at Masada and the Dead Sea. Therefore to complete my holistic view of the country, I had to visit the far south at Eilat.

Eilat is your typical tourist beach town located directly on the Red Sea. Lining the shoreline are huge, fancy hotels, expensive shopping, and fresh seafood restaurants. Saturday night, we treated ourselves to a delicious seafood pasta with chocolate soufflé for dessert. The next day we took a taxi to Coral Beach to go snorkeling on the reefs. Although we saw many exotic fish and sea creatures, we were not able to see the big coral formations because of the schools of jellyfish that hovered above them. Having seen Finding Nemo, I know that going anywhere near the jellyfish was not a good idea…

Thus far, I have stuck my feet in the Mediterranean, walked along the Sea of Galilee, swam in the Jordan River, floated in the Dead Sea, relaxed in the freshwater springs of En Gedi, snorkeled on the coral reefs of the Red Sea, and spent the afternoon at the 33m pool at Kibbutz Ruhama.