Digging with the Badgers (2012 Khirbet Summeily Dig)

This summer, the Coleman Undergraduate Learning Enhancement Fund is sending six students to Israel, where they will participate in a five-week archaeological dig at Khirbet Summeily under the direction of Jeffrey Blakely, an archaeologist and professor in the department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies. They will be blogging about their experiences on this page.

  • Reflections
    By Josef O'Donnell | July 27, 2012

    Well, I survived, made it home, passed through the many levels of Israeli security (which is understandable, considering current conflicts in Gaza and with Egypt, and the problems in Syria right now). What did I learn? I did learn about archaeology and the process of the work, which was certainly expected. But I also learned […]

  • Final Reflection
    By Geoffrey Ludvik | July 25, 2012

    I have had a chance to reflect upon my experience on this dig…well, sort of. Now that I am all set up in Troy, Turkey on my next excavation, I am in a prime position to say what made this dig in Israel special. First of all, as I expected when I left, just being […]

  • And in the End… (July 20)
    By Eric Carlucci | July 20, 2012

    The dig is complete. The field work is officially done, and it is closed out now. All that remains is final lab work and backfilling. Due to when my flight is scheduled for, and the ending of funding for staying at the Khibbutz, I will not be part of that. I leave shortly for home, […]

  • Waiting for Toast
    By Donald Farrow | July 19, 2012

    I suppose I’ll start this post off with an apology for yet again not keeping up. And now that its all down to the end, I’ll wrap up the trip with yet another bundle that includes quite a bit of information. So, I apologize in advance, but this one may get a bit lengthy. I’ll […]

  • Sophia Dances Around Israel
    By Sophie Carman | July 19, 2012

    For the past few weeks, I have been working hard to record these videos of me dancing at various locations around Israel. I compiled them to create this fun representation of my time here. Enjoy!

  • Eilat
    By Sophie Carman | July 18, 2012

    Last weekend was the only open weekend we had during our time in Israel. We were free to travel to various parts of the country that we either wanted to see again or see for the first time. So far, I have traveled to the highest point of Israel near Syria at Nimrod’s Fortress, to […]

  • To the Bitter End (July 17)
    By Eric Carlucci | July 18, 2012

    This was the last day of the projects heaviest digging. That meant that it was crunch time for getting stuff done. It was also an extremely hot day out, so as the sun was coming out, digging hard became difficult. The time dragged on, and we all were soaked with sweat. However, we were able […]

  • …and That’s a Rap!
    By Josef O'Donnell | July 17, 2012

    So here we are, at the end of the season. We’re not quite done yet, and this is not yet my final post, but this is a post about final things. We have begun to close out sections of the dig, taking final photographs, making a mad rush to clear out that last wall, dig […]

  • Catch up (July 10 and 13)
    By Eric Carlucci | July 16, 2012

    I am a bit behind on posting, and I apologize for that. Tuesday, however, did yield very little in our square. We took down quite a bit of the dirt, kept our space clean, but we had yet to find anything to note. We believed we were right on top of the floor, but we just couldn’t […]

  • Two Weekends of Travel
    By Josef O'Donnell | July 16, 2012

    Well, it has been long in coming, to let you know about our weekend travels and travails. I have finally acquired enough time and internet access to have the pictures accessible for this blog. So here we go: The weekend before last, we traveled North as a whole and stayed in a Guest House in […]

  • Thinking and a Lack of Supervision
    By Josef O'Donnell | July 15, 2012

    I believe that I (and others) have achieved a certain state of archaeology-ness… or perhaps we have simply been here too long. I share with you these two brief stories as examples: I was eating second breakfast the other day, granola in milk, exclusively from one side of the bowl. I looked down and began […]

  • Sick in the Field…
    By Geoffrey Ludvik | July 12, 2012

    As per my luck in the past week, I have become rather sick. Under usual circumstances, I would have probably slept in, avoided heavy labor, and ate non-spicy foods while vegging out in my basement watching The Lord of the Rings. NOT going to happen while in the field. I worked half a day on […]

  • EXCLUSIVE Sneak peak at the new show “Sifting with Alex”
    By Alexander Mcquillan | July 12, 2012

    Hey Yo Blog I have recently come into posession of some leaked episodes of a new interview show. The pilot episode is about to drop in a few months so I thought that I should post it here first. The show is titled “Sifting with Alex” and it is an interview show where, the handsome and […]

  • Time is Not on My Side
    By Josef O'Donnell | July 10, 2012

    Pending the uploading of pictures from our weekend trip North, I’ll give a run down of the daily life of the Archaeology Field School Student. 1:00 AM Fire Alarm (this only happened once, but it warrants mentioning, once you realize how little sleep we get compared to how much we do, you’ll see why every […]

  • Do as the Romans Do (July 6)
    By Eric Carlucci | July 9, 2012

    Our group did not dig today, as we were leaving fairly early to get to Northern Israel. The trip there was long, but what a trip it was. Our first site was Caesarea Maritima, a Roman settlement. This site quickly became my favorite of the trip so far, as I have a thing for Roman […]

  • Three Week Check in
    By Alexander Mcquillan | July 5, 2012

    My gloves have been worn through, and my hands are permanently stuck in the claw position. My hair is too long, and I never like to take off my hat because, there is a rats-nest of dirt and debris mixed with sun-screen and oil, that is possibly causing my hair to dred. With my nose forever red, and my shirts forever […]

  • Ponderings
    By Sophie Carman | July 5, 2012

    There are a few of us who spend our days in the lab. As we sit at our tables playing with our pottery sherds, bones, and other artifacts, our minds to drift off into deep thought. On this particular day, we pondered the idea of asking famous excavators of the past specific questions about their […]

  • Killer Ants part II (Long Post)
    By Alexander Mcquillan | July 5, 2012

    Once again I have managed to miss my posting dates so I am turning this one post into a super post, to hopefully make up for my blunder. In order to fully and truthfully transmit the digging experience at Khirbet Sumeilly to the readers, I personally believe that the best medium is through the art of […]

  • Rinse and Repeat (July 3)
    By Eric Carlucci | July 4, 2012

    Tuesday was another day in the books, literally. Unfortunately, the floor we had hoped to find has eluded us yet again. The tabun or tannur has been dug around and saved until we can do more about it. While we did not find a floor, we did find pockets of ash, which our directors believe to […]

  • Sort of Like Indiana Jones, but REAL
    By Geoffrey Ludvik | July 4, 2012

    So today, the 4th of July, I had my own real life Indiana Jones experience. As much as I criticize Indy for his rather crude archaeological methods, I must admit his lifestyle is exciting. While hiking Tel el-Hesi this morning on a tour, me and a few dig-mates decided to go take a look at […]