To the Bitter End (July 17)

This was the last day of the projects heaviest digging. That meant that it was crunch time for getting stuff done. It was also an extremely hot day out, so as the sun was coming out, digging hard became difficult. The time dragged on, and we all were soaked with sweat. However, we were able to complete what we set out to do. Our group was told to make a probe of only a couple centimeters to see if we could find more of the surface we knew of. Alas, we did not find it, but this was not the end of the world. We took down the rest of the square as level as we could, taking out the hearth we had preserved for so long. Thanks to the photographs, we knew we could take it down to see what was underneath without hurting scientific efforts.

While I can’t say exactly how much work needs to be done before we end, there is a feeling that our time in Israel is coming to an end. What we were told is that over the next few days, we must trim our balks to near perfection, sweep the square of all loose dirt, and various other clean-up and completion tasks. It is sad that the time is almost up, but I feel our group has really accomplished something here. I feel more educated and well-rounded as a student and archaeologist, and we helped to answer some of the questions our directors set out to answer.