Catch up (July 10 and 13)

I am a bit behind on posting, and I apologize for that. Tuesday, however, did yield very little in our square. We took down quite a bit of the dirt, kept our space clean, but we had yet to find anything to note. We believed we were right on top of the floor, but we just couldn’t find it yet. What it shows to me is that archaeology, while fun, educational, and rewarding, doesn’t always give results. Since we truly don’t know what lies below until it is dug up, we could find nothing some days. Tuesday was one of those days.

The next day, we confirmed we hit floor. It just shows that archaeology is unpredictable at times, and one can be centimeters above something and not know.

Friday was a bit of a mixture. It was quite a bit of leveling surfaces, trimming balks, and taking down more soil. We found three stones which seem related, but we have no idea what the relation might be. The one in the center is at a higher elevation than the others. A joke in our square is that it is an alter, and our Supervisor in training, Jared, and I knelt before the alter like knights.

It has been getting gradually hotter here, and we know that the work is coming to an end. It is hard to believe how far we’ve come in just a few weeks. I am a bit sad to know that soon it will be backfilled to preserve it for the next season.