Brown Bag Seminar with Noam Zadoff: “Israeli Intellectuals and Land 1967-2017”

by CJS


Noam Zadoff, Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies and History at Indiana University.

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Brown Bag Seminar with Noam Zadoff: “Israeli Intellectuals and Land 1967-2017”

Wednesday, March 16, 12:00 p.m.

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The Israeli-Arab Six-Day War of 1967 is considered a major turning point in the history of the state of Israel and the Middle East. The radical geopolitical changes caused by the war influenced Israeli society and politics and are responsible for many of the transformations of the region subsequently and into the 21st century. But what kind of a turning point was the war for the people who were living through these changes? Was it a completely new situation that led to a reevaluation of the whole Zionist enterprise and opened new possibilities? Or were the forces of continuity with the past stronger than they might have seemed at first glance?

Examining the perspectives of Israeli intellectuals about the idea of “land,” I will argue that if the 1948 War of Independence was the hour in which the building of the stage for the Zionist realization was completed, 1967 was the moment when the curtain was raised and the first act of Zionism’s full realization began.

Noam Zadoff is assistant professor at the History Department and the Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University. He published the correspondence of Gershom Scholem and Joseph Weiss (Hebrew, 2012). His book From Berlin to Jerusalem and Back: Gershom Scholem between Europe and Israel is forthcoming with Brandeis University Press. His current research project deals with reactions of Israeli intellectuals to the Six-Days War.