Board of Visitors

by CJS Admin

The Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies Board of Visitors is a distinguished group of UW–Madison alumni and friends who have agreed to serve in an advisory capacity to the Center to help us identify needs, make plans for the future, and develop fundraising strategies to enhance our endowment. They play a crucial role in the Center’s development, representing the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies and the University of Wisconsin to students, alumni, donors, and friends. They also support the advancement of the Center by facilitating fundraising, public outreach, and intellectual enrichment. Terms of service are for three years, with the exception of lifetime members.

Board Members

Richard Sincere (chair)

Kenneth Latimer

Jessica Goldstein

Jacquelynn Rothstein

Richard Roberts

Ben Sidran

Judy Sidran

Michael Stern

Cheryl Temkin

Marjorie S. Tobias

John Tortorice

Julie Weil

Peter Weil

Frances Weinstein

Kenneth Wiseman