Major in Jewish Studies

by CJS Admin

Students majoring in Jewish Studies may now choose to focus their Jewish Studies course work on Modern Hebrew literature and the culture, history, and politics of Israel. More information about the new track is available here.

Summary of Requirements

Language Requirement: The major includes a language requirement of Hebrew proficiency equal to four semesters of Modern Hebrew (101, 102, 201, 202). These first four semesters of Hebrew do not count towards the 31 credits for the major.

Note on Directed Study: With prior consent of the undergraduate advisor in Jewish studies and the relevant instructor, students may use one Directed Study course (699) to satisfy a requirement for the major.

Completion of the major requires a minimum of 31 credits in Jewish studies, distributed as follows:

1. Introduction to Judaism (Jewish 211)

2. Hebrew Texts: 2 courses

Two courses in Hebrew texts at the level above 202 in Modern Hebrew (Hebrew 301, 302, 401, 402, 533, 534).

3. Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts: 3 courses

Three courses in Jewish Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, at least one of which must deal with the Jewish experience in Diaspora written in a language other than Hebrew—e.g., English, French, German, Russian. (Courses taken to satisfy the requirement in Hebrew texts cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.) Courses fulfilling the Diaspora requirement are indicated with an asterisk (*). Depending on the semester, select topics courses may also fulfill the Diaspora requirement.

225 The Jew In Russian Literature (in Translation)*
227 Intro to Biblical Literature (in English)
228 Survey (in English) of Hebrew Literature: Medieval to Modern Periods
230 Elementary Topics in Jewish Literature
232 Elementary Topics in Philosophy and the Arts
236 Bascom Courses***
237 Biblical Poetry in Translation
269 Yiddish Literature in Eastern Europe*
278 Food in Rabbinic Judaism*
279 Yiddish Literature in America (in Translation)*
301/302 Introduction to Hebrew Literature
318 Modern Jewish Literature*
319 Yiddish Song and the Jewish Experience
328 Classical Rabbinic Literature in Translation
332 Prophets of the Bible
346 Jewish Literature of the Greco-Roman Period
355 Representations of Women in 20th Century Jewish Literature*
356 Zionism in Thought, Culture, and Literature
367 Israeli Fiction in Translation
368 Bible in the Middle Ages
371 Topics in Jewish Civilization
376 Ancient Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
401/402 Survey of Modern Hebrew Literature
410 Holocaust Theme in Western Drama*
417 History-telling in the Bible
430 Intermediate Topics in Jewish Literature
432 Intermediate Topics in Jewish Philosophy and the Arts
446 Holy Places and Sacred Times in Rabbinic Literature
448 Classical Rabbinic Texts
450 Undergraduate Seminar in Judaism and the Arts*
460 Medieval Hebrew Biblical Commentaries
510 German-Jewish Culture since the 18th Century*
513/514 Biblical Texts, Poetry
519 Englishness and Jewishness*
533/534 Readings in Contemporary Hebrew Literature
591 Jewish Fictions from 19th-Century London to Early 20th-Century New York*
593 Literature of Jewish Identity in America*
630 Advanced Topics in Jewish Literature
632 Advanced Topics in Jewish Philosophy and the Arts

***Bascom Courses are small (20 students or fewer) and generally focus on one particular topic, that would generate substantial in-depth papers throughout the semester. Recent topics include: Jewish Composers: Early Modern to Modern; Modern American Jewish Fiction; and Writing (and) the Holocaust.

4. History and Social Science: 3 courses

Three courses in Jewish History or Social Science, at least one of which must deal with the experience of Jews in America. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course offered by the History department. Courses fulfilling the American requirement are indicated with an asterisk (*). Depending on the semester, select topics courses may also fulfill the American requirement.

219 The American Jewish Experience: From Shtetl to Suburb*
220 Introduction to Modern Jewish History
231 Elementary Topics in Jewish History
233 Elementary Topics in Jewish Studies: Social Sciences
241 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
258 The Jews, States, and Citizenship: A Sociological Perspective
278 Food in Rabbinic Judaism
371 Topics in Jewish Civilization
372 Jews of Central and Eastern Europe
373 Modern Political History of the Jews, 1655-1919
374 Modern Political History of the Jews, 1870-1970
377 Jewish Cultural History
378 Jewish Cultural History
416 Eastern European Jews in the United States, 1800s-1930s*
431 Intermediate Topics in Jewish History
433 Intermediate Topics in Jewish Studies: Social Sciences
451 Biblical Archaeology
452 Biblical Archaeology
473 Jewish Civilization in Medieval Spain
475 Education and Jewish Civilization
515 Holocaust: History, Memory and Education
518 Anti-Semitism in European Culture 1700-1945
529 Intellectual and Religious History of European Jewry 1648-1939
613 Jewish Law and Ethics in Comparative Perspective
625 The Holocaust: Facts, Trials, Verdicts, Post Verdicts
631 Advanced Topics in Jewish History
633 Advanced Topics in Jewish Studies: Social Sciences
665 Israeli Politics & Society
Poli 631 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

5. Capstone: 2 courses

The capstone sequence is intended for students nearing the end of their coursework and consists of two courses, which are taken concurrently:

Jewish 675 Research Colloquium for Majors (1 credit)
Jewish 677 Independent Research for Majors (3 credits)