Major in Jewish Studies: Education Track

by CJS Admin

The education track aims to provide a series of courses that define the role that education has played in Jewish civilization. It requires a total of 33 credits: 18 in Jewish Studies, 9 in Education, and 6 in Education and Jewish Studies. In this track, the capstone course is replaced with a required seminar. Students electing the education track are responsible for reaching the level of fourth-semester proficiency in Hebrew necessary for required courses in Hebrew texts.

  1. Jewish Studies: 18 credits in the following four areas in Jewish studies, distributed as follows:
    • Introduction to Judaism (3 credits)
    • Jewish literature (3 credits)
    • Jewish history (6 credits)
    • Hebrew texts (6 credits)
  2. Education-Related Requirements: 9 credits in the following three areas:
    • Developing a philosophical stance (3 credits; choose one)
      • Ed Pol 540: Modern Philosophies of Education
      • Ed Pol 545: Philosophical Conceptions of Teaching and Learning
      • Ed Pol 550: Philosophy of Moral Education
    • Education in Jewish Studies in a democratic, pluralistic society (3 credits; choose one)
      • Ed Pol 460: Cultural Pluralism and Education
      • Curric/Ed Pol/Relig St 516 Religion and Public Education
    • Pedagogical/curricular issues pertinent to education in Jewish studies (3 credits; choose one)
      • Curric 359: Teaching of History and the other Social Studies
      • Curric 431: Young Adult Literature
      • Curric/Jewish 515: The Holocaust: History, Memory, and Education
  3. Education and Jewish Studies Requirements: 6 credits, taken from the following:
    • Ed Pol/Jewish 475: Education and Jewish Civilization
    • Jewish 677: Independent Research for the Major
    • Jewish 699: Directed Study
    • Ed Pol/Curric: Seminar in Education and Jewish Studies (course under development)