Major in Jewish Studies: Track in Modern Hebrew Language, Literature, and Israeli Culture

by Judith Sone

Students majoring in Jewish studies may choose to focus their Jewish studies course work on Modern Hebrew literature and the culture, history, and politics of Israel. This track follows the general requirements of the Jewish studies major, with the following modifications:

  • The diaspora requirement in the Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts category is eliminated.
  • The American requirement for the History and Social Science category is eliminated.
  • Students in this track must take Hebrew 401 and Hebrew 402 (repeatable for credit). These courses can be used to fulfill either the Hebrew Texts requirement or the Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts requirement.
  • In the event that a student uses Hebrew 401–402 to fulfill the Hebrew Texts requirement, the student must repeat Hebrew 402. The second time the student takes Hebrew 402, it will count toward the Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts requirement.
  • In the six courses taken across the “Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts” and “History and Social Science” clusters, four courses must deal in some way with Israel. Some courses (see list below) are preapproved for this track; other courses may be eligible for the track with approval from the undergraduate advisor.

History 309 Crusades: Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Jewish 220 Modern Jewish History
Jewish 227 Introduction to Biblical Literature
Jewish 228 Survey of Hebrew Literature: Medieval to Modern
Jewish 237 Biblical Poetry in Translation
Jewish 241 Intro to Biblical Archaeology
Jewish 258 Jews, State, and Citizenship
Jewish 278 Food in Rabbinic Judaism
Jewish 318 Modern Jewish Literature
Jewish 328 Classical Rabbinic Literature in Translation
Jewish 332 Prophets of the Bible
Jewish 356 Zionism in Thought, Culture and Literature
Jewish 367 Israeli Fiction in Translation
Jewish 374 Modern Political History of the Jews
Jewish 401 Topics in Modern Hebrew
Jewish 402 Topics in Modern Hebrew
Jewish 417 History-telling in the Bible
Jewish 665 Israeli Politics and Society
LCA 266 Introduction to the Middle East
Poli Sci 333 International Politics of the Middle East
Poli Sci 631 Arab-Israeli Conflict
Poli Sci 650 Comparative Politics of the Middle East