2013/2014 Scholarship Recipients

by CJS

In the 2013/2014 academic year, the Mosse/Weinstein Center awarded nearly $15,000 in need- and merit-based scholarships and grants to undergraduate and graduate students at UW–Madison.

Robert and Lynn Berman Scholarship
Aliza Luft

Ida and Isaac Lipton Major/Certificate Award
Michael Felknor

Ida and Isaac Lipton Study Abroad Award
Christine Kopanon
Irene Resenly

Ida and Isaac Lipton Essay Award
Catherine Bonesho, “In Need of a Roman Holiday- Why Business is Prohibited on Kratesis in b. ‘Avodah Zarah 8b.'”
Jacob Beckert, “The 1967 War Revisited: An Unintended War With Unforeseeable Consequences.”

Charles and Gayle Mazursky Student Support Award
Catherine Bonesho
Geoffrey Ludvik
Aliza Luft
Valeria Navarro-Rosenblatt

Robert and Beverly Natelson Family Scholarship
Laini Kavaloski

David Sorkin Graduate Student Support Award
Valeria Navarro-Rosenblatt

Marjorie and Harry Tobias Major/Certificate Award
Michael Felknor